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Welcome to the EXPLODING Freedom Central City Wiki!

This Wiki allows you find out lots of information about the City of EFCC and the EXPLODINGFreedom All-OP Server!

Server Information:
  • IP Address: Play.ExplodingFreedom.Us.To
  • Game Version: 1.12.x
  • Discord Link: ----
New User Information:

Welcome to EFCC's information center! Here you will find more about EFCC and also what you can expect from us when you join the city's server! Please read up on our Rules and Terms and Conditions before playing!

By joining us, you will agree to abide by our rules and terms of service before playing and interacting on the server.

Spamming wiki/forums will result in your account to be disabled/banned and spam content deleted.

Make sure you abide by all server rules and guidelines otherwise, you may be removed from the server.

What to Expect when joining the Server:

Lots of things happen on the Server ingame. Here is a list of common things to expect when playing.

  • Strong profanity. This server allows swearing, so expect large amounts of that.
  • Politics. Yes, that tends to enter chat conversations. If you see any fighting over politics, please report it to server staff.
  • Obscene builds. Since we have open building lands, you may see people build obscene structures such sexual themes and swastikas. Please screenshot and report to server staff if you see any of these.
  • Swastikas. The City may contain a number of buildings with swastika details. Please note that those swastikas are not meant to offend anyone. They're there for historical significance.
News and Updates:
  • New main page that is up to date.
  • Busline information!

The content on this wiki is referring to the Minecraft city "EXPLODING Freedom Central City” and the city's home server, EXPLODINGFreedom. Content displayed here or on all EF public services shall not be confused with real life events an everything shown on this wiki is roleplay or server information purpose only and is entirely a work of fiction. Any references to real-life companies, places, buildings, people, events, etc. is entirely coincidental and not intended.